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What we do

Connect with us for a free chat/call on how to validate your specific business idea. People are often so passionate about their idea that they miss some obvious questions along the way. We will only send you a quotation if we know we can add value to your business idea.

impressive design

Let’s face it, users do not start using your product or service if the design sucks. Visuals presentation is the key part of validating the interest from your future clients or users. Using the latest design techniques combined with human psychology we build impressive design.



Just because you can develop a product in advanced methods does not mean you have to. Be smart, use the necessary tools appropriate to your stage and not the most time consuming and heavy ones. Don’t worry we know the game from javascript to no-code solutions.


Using marketing to validate your business idea is one of the most powerful tools available. We are data-driven and respect numbers more than opinions. We do not only focus on numbers but the right and relevant numbers and data.

How we do it

Using highly skilled & top level growth hackers, product designers, Lean Startup methods as well as Pretotyping tools, we create a plan on how to validate your idea with the minimal amount of time and money. Try us!


We are experienced founders of bootstrapped businesses with millions in revenue. It took us long to get here because of all the mistakes we made along the way. We are now sharing this knowledge and experience with you!


Together with you, we develop the clearest, most powerful and useful way to express your business idea. This is done by answering very important questions. The process is also described by the Pretotype guru Alberto Savoia as the XYZ Hypothesis. We will also define the initial Beachhead client and a specific plan on how to market your idea.

Will my idea succeed?

We hate to say it but most new products and ideas will fail even if competently executed. This is a fact and it is therefore important to validate your idea in the earliest possible stage before spending an extreme amount of time and money. Once the interest is validated we will reach stage 2 which includes “Skin in the game” from your potential clients. If your business idea reaches this stage, we will be able to connect you with Business Angels and Investors to present a Pitch-deck backed by the report and data.

The Process


Once the Idea is described and discussed, we define the problem/solution and XYZ hypothesis as well as data points and key metrics.

Design & Pretotyping

The objective will be clear and ready for validation, typically through design, digital marketing, pretotyping and growth hacking techniques.


The results and supporting data will be presented in a report, either to be validated once more or upgraded to the “Skin in the game” stage.


If your business idea experiment shows positive results, we can help developing a professional pitch deck and connect you with relevant investors.

People with Great Ideas

“I import different types of products to sell locally to the Scandinavian board game market, Validea helped me chose the right products that sells, saving me tons of money! Thanks!”

Kasper L. Juhl

CPO, KLJ import

“Building a Two-sided marketplace is one of the most difficult things we have tried, together with Validea we fueled our demand and supply side resulting in the network effect we needed to grow. “

Zaki Farid Sleiman

Co-founder, Gigstaff.app

“I own multiple Shopify web shops selling trending products (Nail Polish, Peel-off Masks beauty products). When adding a new product to my inventory I let Validea scan the market interest before I place any order.”

Vanesa Isaksson

Webshop owner, Trendgroup

“Finally someone made it easy to validate the crazy ideas I get once in a while. As a business owner I get good ideas but do not have time to validate them, thanks to Validea I can simply let them validate my business idea prior to any big investment.”

Benjamin Coleman

Businessman, Delta way Ltd.

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Live Cases

Business expansion

Juicy Events in Dubai?

A successful Danish event company looking to validate their Idea of expanding their services to the busy corporate life of Dubai. We executed the validation plan and got real leads and measureable results to back up a potential business plan for the company owners.

App development

Habit tracking app?

Everybody has a world changing app idea, but the question is if anyone will use it? We framed this tool and went live with it 2 days later, onboarding real users to benefit from it, before building the next version and spending serious funds on it.

Product design

Protein-rich Kvark drink?

Before buying big production equipment, hiring staff, renting industrial facilities, this Startup validated their idea of a Protein-rich Yoghurt drink through professional product design, customer needs and behaviour as well as collaboration with existing diaries who instantly understood their product.

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